The Manitoba Transit Heritage Association (MTHA) explores the past, present and future of public transportation service in the City of Winnipeg and other Manitoba communities, researching, acquiring and preserving historic objects for use in its public displays and community outreach presentations, sharing the stories of the people and the public transportation infrastructure they built which continues to operate and serve today.  Throughout the year, our volunteers proudly display our historic vehicle collection at community festivals and car shows, and conduct presentations at schools and senior centers providing people of all ages an opportunity to learn about and celebrate the public transit industry. Contact us for details.



Education Community Outreach Program

Preserving and showcasing bygone buses, trolleys and more ...

With careful research work and specialist restoration skills, the volunteers of the Manitoba Transit Heritage Association transform rusting wrecks into gleaming and functional museum artifacts. Thousands of man-hours are volunteered to insure that the vintage vehicles are safe and fully operational for public enjoyment.  Every summer, we proudly drive to and display our unique collection of authentic heritage buses because we are committed to public education about transit’s rich and colorful history.  Please check our Events page for details on display dates and times.

Discover how the volunteers of the Manitoba Transit Heritage Association care for, develop and showcase one of the finest collections of vintage transit vehicles in Canada.  Twice per year the Manitoba Transit Heritage Association chornicals it's activities in a collection of stories and pictures.

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